Utility Line Installation & Repair

Don’t Get Backed Up With Utility Line Issues

Don’t Get Backed Up With Utility Line Issues

Find utility line installation and repair services in Lubbock, TX

Many people forget about how important their sewer, water and gas lines are until they start having trouble with them. You need to contact 806 Plumbing if:

  • Your water bill has spiked
  • You’re experiencing reduced water pressure
  • Your home smells musty or like rotten eggs
  • Your pipes keep getting clogged
  • You notice damp spots on your floor
  • You have patches of dying grass in your yard

These are telltale signs that we need to install new lines for you. Our plumbers in Lubbock, TX will dig to the sewer line, remove the damaged pipe, replace it with plumbing that meet city codes and recover the area once we’re done.

Call 806-632-1352 now to get a free quote on your utility line installation in Lubbock, Texas.

We back our work with a one-year warranty

If something happens to your water, gas or sewer line after we’ve installed it, call 806 Plumbing right away. We’ll fix it for no additional charge. Contact us ASAP to schedule your utility line repair in Lubbock, Texas.